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Asmelta keeps quality focus as a priority and understanding flows from the top management to down within all its processes. Our company has the ISO 9001 certification and fully applies its standards to all its processes.


  • In line with Asmelta Die Casting’s goals and objectives in all areas where we operate, with the importance it attaches to IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO45001 Integrated Management Systems applications;
    • By prioritizing customer satisfaction; To provide quality, most economical and on-time deliveries,
    • To manage possible risks, to identify and analyze the risks determined by the risk analyzes at the first stage,
    • Continuous improvement based on working in accordance with legal regulations and standards,
    • To work respectfully to society and the environment, to create a healthy and safe working environment, to develop and continuously improve preventive approaches against possible occupational diseases and injuries,
    • To prevent pollution, reduce waste, and ensure the disposal of waste, primarily recycling,
    • Taking into account possible environmental impacts and occupational health and safety risks when making investments,
    • Continuous improvement by designing all our activities in a process and customer-oriented manner,
    • Within the framework of the development and satisfaction of our employees, we provide them with continuous training and social opportunities;
    • It has adopted ethical values ​​and the fight against corruption as a priority as a company culture and as a company policy.

All employees within Asmelta Pressure Casting are responsible for implementing and developing the principles of the Company Policy and providing the necessary resources.


In the automotive industry in which we operate; In the field of aluminum parts production, Asmelta Die Casting, in line with its goals and objectives, attaches importance to ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Management Systems application.

  • In each of our activities, we prioritize ensuring the safety of the environment,
  • To determine the environmental impacts of the activities implemented in all our workplaces, to prevent or minimize the pollution caused by the detected risks and to ensure the protection of the environment,
  • To allocate resources for the protection and improvement of the environment, to carry out studies to increase performance by making use of scientific and technological developments,
  • To fully comply with legal and other environmental requirements,
  • To continuously create training opportunities to increase environmental awareness within the institution,
  • To ensure that our employees have the necessary awareness to protect the environment,
  • Considering the environmental approaches of organizations in the selection of suppliers; To create an open, active and productive cooperation with the suppliers we work with within the scope of our environmental policy and to increase the environmental awareness of these organizations,
  • To ensure the development of our institution’s environmental management system by constantly reviewing it.
  • With the awareness that the environment we live in is entrusted to us; Our Environmental Policy is to reduce the use of natural resources, prevent pollution, dispose of waste appropriately, and support efficient energy use.
  • To follow the developing technologies and methods in the similar sector/world on OHS issues and to ensure that they are applicable within our company,
  • Establishing the ISO 45001 Occupational Safety Management System, ensuring its implementation and ensuring continuous improvement,
  • To ensure the prevention of workplace-related injuries and health deterioration by keeping worker health and safety at the highest level,
  • To ensure compliance with applicable legal legislation and other requirements,
  • To take all necessary precautions and ensure protection at the initial stage to control accidents, damages and dangers that may occur to the health, property and property of our employees, suppliers’ employees and people who will be affected by our activities,
  • To ensure the development of our institution’s Occupational Safety management system by constantly reviewing it.
  • Our Occupational Safety Policy is to develop the OHS awareness of our employees through training and to turn the OHS management system understanding into a life philosophy.

Asmelta Die Casting undertakes that these policy articles will be implemented and all goals and objectives will be achieved.

All employees within Asmelta Pressure Casting are responsible for implementing and developing the principles of the Environment and Occupational Safety Policy and providing the necessary resources.